ClearOps Service Cloud: Maximize Revenue. Relieve Technicians. Increase Efficiency.

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The Challenge

In today’s service world, workshop managers and technicians face a multitude of challenges: Increasing customer demands, managing different brands and a high level of manual labour. Added to this is the acute shortage of qualified technicians. These difficult times call for efficient solutions to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.

The ClearOps Service Cloud offers the solution. By integrating flow, efficiency and automation into your day-to-day work, it significantly reduces manual effort. This allows you to save valuable time and use it to support your customers – instead of on administrative tasks.

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Digitize Manual Processes and Workflows

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Maximize Revenue

You usually spend a lot of time on non-revenue-generating activities – this cannot be completely avoided, but it can definitely be significantly reduced.

With the ClearOps Service Cloud, you can maximize billable hours. Optimize route, appointment and spare parts planning, resulting in a demonstrable reduction in downtime.

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Increase Efficiency

Inefficient and manual workflows, compounded by technician shortages, lead to inadequate service and inefficient utilisation.

With the ClearOps Service Cloud, you can repair more machines in less time. A seamless end-to-end flow allows workshop managers and technicians to focus on what really matters – customer care and machine repairs.

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Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Inefficient and analogue processes often lead to a drop in customer satisfaction.

Our system sustainably increases customer satisfaction by optimizing and digitizing processes. Digital tracking of service activities and proactive maintenance notifications lead to fast and efficient customer care.

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Work Flow

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How you can benefit from the ClearOps Service Cloud

Intuitive technician scheduling for efficient management and tracking of service orders.

WTM - Scheduling

Efficient technician management through automated deployment planning
and real-time monitoring of work progress

WTM - Technicians & Equipement - Technicians

Machine and customer data, service history,
description of the service and time recording can be viewed at any time.

WTM - Scheduling - Workorders

Full overview of customers, past and future services,
machine service history and maintenance intervals.

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Detailed service analyses on technician utilisation,
average repair cycles and other important key figures.

WTM - Job Cards

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The implementation time depends on how quickly you can provide ClearOps with all the required data and therefore varies from customer to customer. You can read about what is required for the implementation in the next question.

(1) A signed contract
(2) A list of users, their respective roles and contact details
(3) A list of customers to be made available in the tool
(4) A list of machines to be made available in the tool
(5) A list of work orders to be made available in the tool

ClearOps is ISO-certified (ISO 27001) and fully complies with all GDPR regulations. All personal data is carefully filtered and redacted to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

Definitely! We are able to connect seamlessly with over 80 different ERP and DMS systems to ensure smooth integration.

We conduct a thorough business analysis and work with you to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end supply chain visibility, optimised parts and product management or our suite of service solutions, we deliver measurable results. By consolidating all relevant data into one central hub, ClearOps has increased customer utilisation rates by 43%, increased parts sales by 15% and reduced working capital by 20%.

We take care of a smooth implementation process that is tailored to the availability of your resources. We emphasise team buy-in and ensure a smooth implementation process that is tailored to your goals and requirements.

With ClearOps, you save yourself an internal development team and months of testing and customisation. Our experienced experts work side by side with you to ensure a fast and efficient setup. Integration with over 80 different ERP systems guarantees a smooth implementation.

Of course! ClearOps has a proven track record of connecting OEMs with thousands of dealers and systems. We understand the different interests of stakeholders and are able to manage these dynamics. Our team takes responsibility for managing expectations and maximising benefits for all stakeholders.