ClearOps – The smart, digital dealer-management system for networking OEMs with their entire downstream supply chain. 1000 reasons. 1 platform.


What is ClearOps?

ClearOps is a smart dealer-management system. ClearOps is a software solution for the special demands posed by the downstream supply chain of manufacturers with large dealer systems. ClearOps connects OEMs with their dealer ecosystem. Digital champions use ClearOps. Prediction, integration, collaboration, connectivity based on cutting-edge technology – all that and more is ClearOps. In real terms? 100 % supply capability at 0 % downtime is our goal. Inventory management excellence is how we achieve it!

ClearOps at a glance


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Customer issues

My portfolio has numerous brands and more than 1.2 million parts, and it is growing ever more complex.
Boris Schöpplein
President Parts & Services, Terex Corporation
My portfolio has numerous brands and more than 1.2 million parts, and it is growing ever more complex.
Testimonial Boris Schöpplein
Boris Schöpplein
President Parts & Services, Terex Corporation
I have to deliver to my customers, the farmers, quickly. But I can't possibly have every part from every manufacturer in stock.
Frank Nobis
Agricultural retailer
I have to deliver to my customers, the farmers, quickly. But I can't possibly have every part from every manufacturer in stock.
Testimonial Frank Nobis
Frank Nobis
Agricultural retailer
At harvest time my machines have to be up and running – without interruption.
Paul Hartmann
At harvest time my machines have to be up and running – without interruption.
Testimonial Paul Hartman
Paul Hartmann


Success Story

A real-world example

A tractor cannot break down! Least of all during harvest season! So every maker of agricultural machines keeps thousands of spare parts in stock, at a value of many millions of euros.

In the past, the round 1500 dealers of a market leader in the agricultural machine segment kept millions of parts worth more than half a billion euros at the ready in their warehouses. And yet time and time again machines would nonetheless be incapacitated because a replacement part was not available. Not enough parts in stock? Definitely not the problem! But how do you get right parts to the right place at the right time!

Our solution: Our smart dealer-management system. The digital cloud platform ClearOps perfects dealer inventory management. It makes waiting for replacement parts a thing of the past. With ClearOps, parts availability and customer fill rates improve and dealers report a significant sales increase in their replacement parts business thanks to faster and better service. Capital tie-up reduces massively, as does the time required for spare-parts planning. And in that saved time, the dealer can do its actual job – providing its customers with outstanding service!

Parts availability


Excess inventory

-75 %


More than 2,000 dealers across 5 continents are already benefiting from the ClearOps solution

Customers & references


Challenges for OEMs and dealers

Costly downtimes

Tractors, diggers and the like are expensive and tie up a lot of capital. Every day of their inactivity on a building site costs real money. If bad weather destroys a harvest because a missing spare part brings the tractor to a standstill for days, customer satisfaction is shot. Preventing downtimes and non-moving inventory, and minimizing repair times to ensure the right inventories are in the right place at the right time – that is our mission.

Distance from the customer

Many manufacturers are far away from their end customers, because their point of contact is the dealer. In the best case, the dealer only has data available to it about the customer such as its installed base, machine fleet, machine data, historical consumption data, defects, age of the spare parts, etc. In the worst case, both manufacturer and dealer are flying blind. ClearOps fixes that!

Subpar inventory management

Inventories are often anything but perfectly coordinated and rapid turnaround: 80–90 % of the parts never leave the shelves at all. Costs explode, and yet parts deliverability is still not satisfactory. Because of a lack of background data, spare-parts orders often come from “out of the blue”. The bullwhip effect drives spare parts inventories to dizzying heights. And that is just the start of the problems. We have the solution!

Lack of connectivity

Regardless of whether it is Excel based or run by special-purpose software – planning and forecasting replacement parts is poorly networked in many companies. Manufacturers, dealers, external partners, components suppliers, etc. often work without coordination and with fragmented systems. ClearOps integrates them ingeniously into a common workflow, collaboration and connectivity! Bringing together what belongs together!



… a dealer-management system?

In many industries, up to 90 % of the parts are competitive – i.e. not proprietary: Are the parts in question OEM-specific engineered components? Or might they even be protected by copyrights? Are they captive parts, normed parts or competitive parts? Here, the competitors’ parts are freely available and can be ordered anywhere in the world without issues. OEMs typically have a weak standing in the market in this regard. Especially when it comes to highly critical parts and immediate availability, perfect inventory management, parts planning, replenishment, etc. are key competitive advantages for dealers and OEMs. And that is precisely where ClearOps comes in!

…special-purpose software?

There are a lot of supply chain software products out there, but there is only one perfect dealer-management solution: ClearOps. ClearOps is a smart add-on that perfectly complements other systems. With our interfaces we are integrated into more than 50 international systems – all of the standard ones. Whether you have a large ERP system, supply-chain suite or individually customized solution comprising numerous best-of-breed modules, we are the ideal add-on – connectivity guaranteed!


ERP software systems: “one fits all”

It is typical for ERP systems to offer the entire spectrum, from HR processes to procurement, from materials management to finance processes. But they do not provide for special requirements in the field of dealer management, inventory management with analyses, calculating spare parts inventories, etc.. Sometimes a little more is needed.


Supply chain suites: “end to end”

Integrated SCM suites that cover all the processes of the entire supply chain end to end offer more. As a rule, integrated SCM suites include everything from demand planning to materials sourcing, procurement, transport and delivery. So integrated suites cater for the standard demands very well. But they are not specialized for complex dealer-management.


Special software: “best of breed”

Many specialist providers offer excellent solutions for specific needs such as forecasting, inventory, freight brokerage, procurement, etc.. Joining together the “best of the best” through module cherry-picking opens up entirely new opportunities. Interfaces and modules from the widest range of manufacturers can now be joined together quickly and easily to create a perfect whole. Specialized individual solutions like the dealer-management system ClearOps offer an unbeatable competitive advantage.


Benefits of the ClearOps dealer-management solution at a glance


Central access point for all dealer parts and service processes, without manual data exchange or other workarounds.


ClearOps already has a global network of more than 50 connected dealer-management systems, and that number is growing constantly.


ClearOps integrates easily into your existing IT infrastructure as an add-on, without increasing its complexity.


Thanks to Barkawi’s in-depth knowledge of SCM and software, ClearOps offers individually tailored software at a flat rate price.


This turnkey modular solution enables simple implementation and piloting, and a fast roll-out.


ClearOps has developed a user-centric and UX-optimized design together with experts from all the various fields involved.

Operational excellence

OEMs with complex dealer systems are getting closer to dealers and end customers. This benefits everybody, because the data flow is increasing and inventories are shrinking. Goodbye bullwhip effect!

Without ClearOps

With ClearOps

ClearOps is built on smart mathematical models and algorithms, on big data, demand sensing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. ClearOps combines mathematics with leading edge research and science, opening up whole new planning worlds and getting companies with tough requirements on demand planning and forecasting fit for the future!
Henry Greulich, Principal
Digitization expert at Barkawi Management Consultants and co-founder of ClearOps


The solution suite includes software modules, a UX optimized portal and a DataHub


Connectivity guaranteed: ClearOps has interfaces to all the recognized systems around the world

Many customers feel left alone with the task of connecting up interfaces. And it is no walk in the park in large dealer ecosystems with hundreds, or even thousands, of dealers. We do it better: Our dealer-management system already has finished interfaces to all the world’s standard systems.

We don’t have to go through tiresome development phases first. We simply connect up your company and activate your dealers in our system. Only access to our system? No, we do more! We ensure the flow of data and data compatibility until all transactions are correct, right down to the decimal point. This means a pilot can be done in just a few months, and the entire dealer system can also be ramped up in no time. Goodbye flying blind!


Global – Counries on 5 continents


Sales and Repair transactions


Dealer ERP Systems


Dealer and Distributors

Speedboat and not tanker

modular microservices, SaaS & cloud

ClearOps is a smart SaaS cloud solution with modular microservices that offers speed, flexibility and an individually tailored solution for your demands. But what does that mean in real terms? ClearOps is not a rigid on-premise solution, not a giant system. We are not an oil-tanker, we are a fast and agile speedboat. Modular activation of specific microservices that you really need mean you get a custom-tailored, turnkey product. Independent modules can be networked perfectly, exchange data and scale capacity as required. Where five days and nights used to be necessary to calculate the data from 2000 dealers, with an uncertain outcome, this can be done in “no time” today by connecting up various components such as further CPUs. This means that capacity and scalability no longer have any limits!


Predictive Demand

More than 2000 dealers are connected to the ClearOps platform, and every morning they find a virtual shopping basket on it with the replacements for exactly the parts that will break down on that day. We know what they will be in advance! Magic? No, just smart forecasting models combined with big data, demand sensing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the ClearOps system, with its unfailing forecasts of demand probability, typical seasonal profiles, delivery times, fill rates, etc., OEMs and dealers know in advance with extreme data accuracy which parts they will need on any given day. This shrinks inventories and slashes the costs of millions of spare parts, while at the same time improving parts availability! Non-movers adieu!

Reduction in downtime

-40 %

Customer Fill Rate

+26 %

Predictive maintenance and telematics: prevents standstills before anything stands still

Machine downtimes are expensive and avoidable. Dealers with modern ordering processes and a perfect digitized supply chain that can provide replacement parts and service within hours are clearly ahead of the rest! Prevent downtimes and improve your service quality – you can in an unparalleled way with ClearOps:
Sensors in modern agricultural machines know the usage data of machines in the installed base. ClearOps transforms these machine data into smart service events and provides the dealer with the corresponding parts lists and replacement parts in the right place and at the right time. It provides the right technician with the right skill set, the required repair manual, etc., so that all the dealer needs to do is give its ok. A press of a button suffices to activate all these ingenious preparations. Our dealers and their customers are happy, because our perfect predictive maintenance means that while the work required by all involved parties is minimal, the service and parts availability is at a maximum. But even more importantly: Downtimes are a thing of the past!


How can I get a demo of the ClearOps solution?
Simply contact us at or use the contact form below. We are based in Munich, Germany and will reply shortly.
What is the price of using the ClearOps plattform?
ClearOps pricing depends on its functional scope and the number of users and supply chain locations involved. Supply chain analytics is also often project-based, so individual projects are subject to negotiation.
Does ClearOps integrate into SAP?
Yes. Various releases of SAP ERP and SAP Business One are supported.
Is ClearOps Saas ony or can I run it on our own servers?
ClearOps is designed to be an SaaS (software as a service) solution. Selected customers have asked for an on-premise solution, which can be realized on request.
Is data security ensured with ClearOps?
The ClearOps solution is hosted on services in Germany. All data security laws of Germany and the EU ensure your information and data are treated highly confidentially. State-of-the-art security and monitoring technologies are utilized.
Can I get trained in ClearOps?
ClearOps training courses are held on request and depend on the scale of your requirement. ClearOps functions are easy to use. Some understanding of supply chain science and data analytics is helpful for super-users, but not necessary for day-to-day operational users.
What level of integration do I need to run ClearOps?
We support many integration approaches. Manually uploading Excel and CSV files can be a simple way to familiarize with ClearOps, but the full benefit comes through automated interfaces, such as web services and file transfers, between the ERP software of supply chain partners and ClearOps.
How can I connect with business partners through ClearOps?
First functional benefits can be achieved by processing data that were formerly uploaded manually. However, the real ClearOps benefits are realized through automated interfaces between supply chain partners. Over 500 different partners are currently connected through ClearOps, exchanging supply chain information such as customer orders, inventories, forecasts, purchase orders, super-session chains, installed-base information or even warranty claims.
Is ClearOps a B2C or B2B solution?
ClearOps is a B2B solution that integrates and controls supply chains between business partners. In some cases, ClearOps is used to support a B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) scenario to integrate manufacturers, retail partners and end customers.
What interface technologies does ClearOps support?
One key strength of ClearOps is its flexibility on interfacing. It also supports online web services on an XML or REST basis, and flat file exchanges. Today, over 25 ERP software systems are already successfully connected to ClearOps. Additional interfaces can be implemented easily. Power users can upload and download files.


ClearOps Leadership Team – Passion meets Mission

Supply chain management is our passion. Perfect supply chains and smart spare-parts planning are our profession. Operational excellence is our mission. We developed our smart digital product ClearOps for all companies with complex dealer networks and replacement part delivery challenges in the downstream supply chain. ClearOps provides real results, because only results count. We go the extra mile every time. When your downtimes und non-moving inventory are down to zero, but your parts availability is at 100 %, we’ve done a good job. That is what we call mission accomplished!

William Barkawi

Managing Director

  • Graduate in Business and Engineering
  • Strong Supply Chain Background
  • Consulting Experience

Gennady Sych

Technology Manager

  • Graduate in Computer Science
  • Strong architecting & software development background
  • Leading positions in IT-Industry

Robert Kunze

Corporate Development Manager

  • Graduate in Business Administration
  • After Sales Service Expert
  • Broad Management Consulting Experience

Olga Kir

Customer Support Manager

  • Graduate in Computer Science
  • 3rd-Level Support Specialist
  • Strong IT-Consulting Expertise