ClearOps connects OEMs, Dealers, and Machines to transform aftermarket service!

ClearOps is a new type of SaaS technology!

ClearOps easily connects the downstream supply chain – acting as a data integration hub while also automating and optimizing the after-sales service operation. The combination of over 25 years of Supply Chain Expertise from Barkawi Management Consultants combined with the technical expertise of the ClearOps group – ClearOps enables the fastest time to value in the market measured in weeks and months instead of months and years.

ClearOps Service Cloud Solutions – Why?

True optimization of the service operation hinges on the ability to connect your supply chain network. ClearOps solves this challenge connecting OEM(s), Dealers, and Machines. Our agnostic data integration technology enables our clients to seamlessly connect dealer inventory, as well as many other service and machine systems and applications through our pre-built interfaces. It also lays the foundation for our Advanced Inventory Management Engine, Service and Tech Management Solution, a sophisticated IoT pillar and other offerings such as a fully integrated end-to-end E-commerce system. Today’s new service economy makes it more important than ever to be close to your customer. ClearOps bridges the gap enabling visibility and communication across the supply chain network- making proactive and best-in-class customer service achievable!

Achieving proactive and best-in-class customer service is your goal.
We provide the network connectivity and optimization tools to help you achieve it!

Many customers feel left alone with the daunting task of connecting their service network and integrating the many systems in use. It’s no “walk in the park” in large dealer ecosystems with hundreds, or even thousands of dealers. We do it better!

Our platform has established interfaces to hundreds of common dealer ecosystem applications. We don’t have to go through tiresome development phases to connect to your systems. We simply connect and activate the players across the service network.

Not only do we serve as a data integration hub, the ClearOps support team ensures the flow of data and data compatibility until all transactions are correct- right down to the decimal point. Together, this means a pilot can be accomplished in just a few weeks, and an entire dealer management network can be connected in no time! Goodbye flying blind!

We manage this 24/7, 365 in our hosted environment – complete with any required testing environments.

Built on the extensive knowledge gained over 25 years of supply chain and aftermarket consulting engagements, our sophisticated forecasting engine ensures minimization of manual processes and revolutionizes the whole inventory management process by driving toward automatic optimization, exception handling, the ability to leveraging simulations and more. ClearOps enables best-in-class customer service at the lowest cost and quickest time to value!
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ClearOps enables a Proactive Service Model. Our holistic service management module integrates parts planning and replenishment needs, field tech planning and continuous communication with your machines. We smartly combine this data to automate the scheduling of upcoming services including the proper tech while ensuring parts availability.

An innovative mobile app then supports field technicians on the run by providing the right parts, manuals, time tracking, and more. The ClearOps Service Solution is the ultimate driver to your customer success strategy and management.

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The new world of machines has begun- ClearOps leverages IoT technology to enable proactive customer service! We have developed a collaborative approach between the machine, parts demand anticipation and the service modules. ClearOps solutions tell you what services should be scheduled, provides notifications when machines are down and anticipates parts failure in order to prevent unnecessary downtime. Be prepared for the future, 0% downtime is our goal!
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Advantages of the ClearOps dealer management solution at a glance.


With its cloud-based modular architecture ClearOps enables a seamless plug-and-play integration without adding complexity to your systems


State of the art collaboration between inventory & replenishment, scheduling and control of upcoming services and direct machine interaction


Central access point for all network parts and service processes, without manual data exchange or other workarounds


Once being connected all necessary modules can be easily activated and rolled-out to your whole network

24/7 customer support

We guarantee system uptime but if you face difficulties our experts will be available day & night for our customers

Easy Setup

As ClearOps is already connected to all the common ERP / DMS systems across the globe we ensure a fast and easy implementation and roll-out

Once connected ClearOps offers 17 plug-and-play modules to optimize the service operation and increase revenue.

Global Newsroom

ClearOps New Location: Lisbon

ClearOps New Location: Lisbon

ClearOps has decided to open a new location in Lisbon, Portugal – in order to relocate parts of the team ensuring business continuity and enabling better collaboration with all ClearOps offices worldwide. All necessary legal and organizational processes are complete...

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See ClearOps in Action

Take a look at how ClearOps scalability, partners and integrations set us apart from the competition. Customized to your unique questions.

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