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At ClearOps, we are proud to have partnered with these leading machine manufacturing companies to address their unique challenges and deliver transformative solutions. With our comprehensive aftersales excellence platform, we enable businesses to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction across their entire supply chain.

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AGCO Success Story

AGCO Logo white

Industry Vertical
Agricultural equipment

Georgia, United States

12.65 billion USD (2022)

AGCO Image Tractor

How ClearOps helped AGCO

  • No visibility of dealer inventory and customer facing fill rates
  • Customer facing fill not under control of AGCO and reliant on dealer planning capabilities
  • Design and rollout of a customized, web-based Service and Spare Parts planning solution (forecasting, inventory planning, replenishment planning and Workshop & Technician Management)
  • Global Rollout to 1500+ Dealers across the globe
  • Rollout of additional processes, such as Warranty Claim Management, Multi-Supplier Capability, Promotion Planning, Recommended Stocking Lists, Buyback Programs
  • Data interface integration to 50+ dealer management IT systems and AGCO IT systems
  • 24/7 Software operations and data maintenance including user support
Business Impact
  • Connected 1,500+ Dealer outlets and over 50+ Dealer Management Systems
Customer Fill Rate
Machine and parts sales
Non-moving inventory
AGCO Logo black
With the help of ClearOps, we have transformed into a data-savvy and customer-centric organization, ensuring seamless delivery experience for our dealers and end-customers.
Reuven Chavira

Manager, Global Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Integration at AGCO


TEREX Success Story

Terex-logo 1(1)

Industry Vertical
Heavy Construction Machinery

Connecticut, United States

3.89 billion USD (2021)

How ClearOps helped TEREX

  • Low customer fill rates at Dealers due to a combination of complexities and limited resources for parts and service planning
  • Manual and non-digitized processes at dealerships
  • Time spent on customer facing activities lacking due to manual processes
  • Long time to repair due to missing parts at time of service
  • Design and rollout of a web-based Service and Spare Parts planning solution
  • Interfaces to Terex and Dealer Management Systems (incl. Terex Telematics)
  • Support Terex Service Partners identifying service opportunities by leveraging real-time
  • Telemetry data (calculate next service date and publish work order proposals)
  • Ensure parts availability at Service Partners by incorporating planned services into the parts planning process and establishing direct order interfaces (EDI + real time webservice)
  • Software operations and maintenance including user support
Business Impact
  • Connected 60+ Dealer outlets to CDI platform
  • Increased fill rates and cumulative part sales at connected dealerships
  • Significant reduction of planning efforts at Dealerships and Service Partners
  • Supporting Service Partners by publishing 1000+ service opportunities per month


REESINK Logo white

Industry Vertical
Components for agriculture, landscape maintenance, material handling, warehouse equipment and civil engineering



Royal Reesink is a diversified company operating in various industries, including agriculture, construction, and material handling, offering a wide range of products and services.

How ClearOps helped ROYAL REESINK

  • Highly diverse process landscape across operational companies regarding service management.
  • Various fragmented parts ordering processes in place across all operational companies.
  • Sourcing of parts from multiple suppliers and servicing machines from multiple manufacturers.
  • Lack of system integration between Royal Reesink operational companies and various supplier systems.
  • Implementation of a multi-supplier capable Parts Planning solution that fully automates and standardizes the replenishment planning process.
  • Rollout of a fully integrated Service Management solution covering the end-to-end service journey from case creation to service execution.
  • Parts Planning and Service Management solutions are fully connected and possess bi-directional, real-time interfaces with ERP systems of operational companies.
  • Modular solution approach allows flexible implementation depending on the needs of operational companies and systems of manufacturers.
Business Impact
With the help of ClearOps, Royal Reesink successfully addressed their challenges and achieved transformative results. The implementation of the Parts Planning and Service Management solutions standardized processes, streamlined operations, and improved collaboration. By automating and integrating their systems, Royal Reesink achieved substantial efficiency gains and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Jungheinrich-Logo 1

Industry Vertical
Material Handling


4.763 billion EUR (2022)

Jungheinrich is a leading machine manufacturing company that specializes in integrated solutions for material handling and intralogistics.

How ClearOps helped JUNGHEINRICH

  • Fragmented IT infrastructure with system breaks between the European headquarters and sales units on export markets.
  • High manual efforts for master data management in sales units.
  • Manual order process and separate handling of concurrent delivery streams for parts orders.
  • High lead times due to deliveries by ship and a significant number of emergency orders by air shipments.
  • Sales units sourcing from multiple suppliers using multiple tools.
  • Seamless end-to-end integration of the entire order process between the European headquarters and export markets.
  • Fully automated and integrated Master Data Management system to identify unknown parts and outdated master data, ensuring data accuracy at sales units.
  • Implementation and rollout of a multi-supplier capable solution automating the Replenishment Planning Process.
  • Harmonization and optimization of replenishment processes considering multiple delivery streams.
Business Impact
Through the implementation of ClearOps, Jungheinrich achieved remarkable results. By bridging the gap between supply and demand, they streamlined operations, reducing lead times and improving overall efficiency. The seamless integration of the order process eliminated system breaks and manual inefficiencies, leading to topline growth.

STIHL Success Story

Stihl Logo grey

Industry Vertical
Power Tools


5.058 billion EUR (2021)

Stihl is a renowned manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, known for its high-quality chainsaws, trimmers, and other tools.

How ClearOps helped STIHL

  • Highly diverse downstream distribution network with over 54,000 partners.
  • Challenging system landscape at distribution partners with varying technical capabilities.
  • Lack of transparency on parts availability across the entire network.
  • Seamless connection of distribution partners across multiple technologies.
  • Implementation of a stock locator solution (Parts Finder) to provide visibility on up-to-date stock levels across the network.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards enabling data analytics and generating detailed insights on network inventory levels, transactions, and movements.
Business Impact
With the implementation of ClearOps, Stihl successfully overcame their challenges. The seamless connection of distribution partners and the stock locator solution provides real-time visibility and transparency across the network. This optimization of distribution processes allows Stihl to make data-driven decisions, resulting in significant efficiency gains and driving business growth.

LIPPERT Success Story


Industry Vertical
Recreation Vehicles

Indiana, United States

$4.5 billion (2022)

Lippert is a prominent manufacturer in the recreational vehicle industry, providing innovative solutions for RV components and systems.

How ClearOps helped LIPPERT

  • Low spare parts availability at service points.
  • Long wait times for RV repairs or maintenance.
  • High manual efforts in identifying required parts for service and sourcing from a network of multiple suppliers.
  • Lack of visibility on part numbers at different suppliers for the same physical part, making spare parts inventory optimization efforts impossible.
  • Highly customized machines further increasing efforts to identify fitting spare parts.
  • Implementation of a sophisticated spare parts matching engine to identify identical physical parts at different suppliers, despite varying part numbers.
  • Synchronization of the parts matching engine with Master Data Management, enabling the leading dealer system to relate identified matches to each other.
  • Generation of a Service Bill-of-Material based on work order history and confirmed parts matches, providing guidance on which parts fit on which RV configuration.
  • Aggregated spare parts replenishment planning based on identified parts matches, driving inventory profile optimization.
Business Impact
By implementing ClearOps, Lippert resolved their spare parts management challenges and achieved significant results. The implementation of the spare parts matching engine and synchronization with Master Data Management improved spare parts availability and streamlined the identification of fitting parts. The generation of the Service Bill-of-Material and aggregated spare parts replenishment planning optimized inventory profiles and improved efficiency. As a result, Lippert experienced reduced wait times for repairs, increased customer satisfaction, and achieved substantial efficiency gains in their service operations.