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software vs spreadsheet
This whitepaper delves into the critical comparison between traditional spreadsheets and modern aftersales software solutions, addressing the growing demands of global parts distribution and dealer management.
Generative AI disrupts the aftersales business by elevating customer satisfaction, optimizing processes, and maintaining competitiveness in a dynamic marketplace.
The Ultimate Guide for OEMs. Download your free Ultimate Guide to learn how to avoid machine downtimes and how to succeed in the aftermarket.
Increasing and being aware of your fill rates sets the stage for satisfied customers, increased sales, and improved supply chain efficiency.
Refrigerators, drilling machines, automobiles, trucks, excavators, harvesting machinery, and airplanes—what do all of these machines have in common?
OEMs have a ton of systems in use and tend to offer a variety of applications to their dealers. Availability from their parts distribution centers sits comfortably above 90%–and yet, customer demands are still not met.