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About me William

“At ClearOps, our mission is simple yet ambitious - to keep the world of machines running smoothly by harnessing the power of data and transforming the way machine manufacturing companies operate their aftersales networks.

We understand that the heart of any aftersales optimizing platform lies in the integration of a decentralized aftersales network and the ability to predict the unpredictable. We're dedicated to tackling these challenges head-on. What sets us apart and what I love most about ClearOps is our team.”

William Barkawi
Founder & CEO of ClearOps

About me William

“At ClearOps, our mission is simple yet ambitious - to keep the world of machines running smoothly by harnessing the power of data and transforming the way machine manufacturing companies operate their aftersales networks.

We understand that the heart of any aftersales optimizing platform lies in the integration of a decentralized aftersales network and the ability to predict the unpredictable. We're dedicated to tackling these challenges head-on. What sets us apart and what I love most about ClearOps is our team.”

William Barkawi
CEO of ClearOps

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We are a group of curious, innovative, and bullish individuals who are passionate about revolutionizing the industry. Our solution suite reflects this drive and determination, delivering cutting-edge technologies and transformative strategies.

A century of experience: Our advisory board

Our incredibly knowledgeable advisory board have helped us get to where we are today. Together, we’re revolutionizing the future of supply chain management.
Karim Barkawi
CEO & Founder of Barkawi Group
Mike Landry
CEO KetteQ
Dr. Andreas Baader
SVP Genpact Supply Chain Service Line

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William Barkawi


From a young age, William showed a knack for IT, starting his first venture at just 15. He furthered his education in economics and IT at the Technical University of Munich. While balancing his studies, William held multiple roles, including a position as a product manager in supply chain and founding two startups, one of which evolved into ClearOps.

His genuine passion for technology and supply chains has also led him to contribute to the growth of technology ventures at Barkawi Group, a renowned venture builder specializing in supply chains with a global presence and a team of 1,200 experts.

Interesting fact: Williams’ family comes from Egypt, which is why one of his main goals is to establish an IT school for underprivileged children in North Africa.

Dennis Koerner


Dennis is responsible for ClearOps’ finance department. Prior to joining ClearOps, Dennis gained operational- as well as investment experience in early- and late-stage software companies in Europe. Most recently, Dennis led the finance department of a Tier1 B2B software scale-up during the phase of high-growth and Series B fundraising. Initially, Dennis gained hands-on investment experience with a tech-focused private equity investor covering investment-management as well as portfolio-management.

Interesting fact:
Strong interest and continuous self-study in data intelligence.

Cristina Diehl (Executive Assistant)

Cristina Diehl

Executive Assistant

Cristina worked in travel agency/travel management for 6 years before joining McKinsey & Company as an Executive Assistant in 2019. There she was able to work on recruiting and onboarding assistants in addition to project management and planning.

Interesting fact:
Don’t ask me how, but I became Munich champion in high jump three times in a row (school sport) :)

Max Wies

Head of Product

Max has many years of experience in the intersection of supply chain management and technology.

Before joining ClearOps, he worked with Barkawi Management Consultants focused on the development and implementation of supply chain and aftersales planning solutions. He specialized in technical product management and has since joining ClearOps build up our product department.

Max has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Supply Chain Management from Cologne University.

Interesting fact: In order to expand his development skills and better understand the technical background, he studied computer science alongside his job.

Tobias Rzychon (Chief of Staff)

Tobias Rzychon

Chief of Staff

Tobias brings a wealth of experience from the startup, investment, and corporate sectors. Tobias collected +5 years startup building experience, excelling in scaling companies like Westwing and Freeletics while co-leading the latter one to its successful trade sale exit in 2018. Transitioning to the investment world, Tobias made strategic and opportunistic investments at 7Ventures, gaining valuable insights into the DACH e-commerce and digital consumer goods segment. Joining Amazon in 2018, Tobias learned how to innovate at a global scale and manage and influence cross-functional teams and departments, direct and remote throughout different countries. Drawing on his startup, investment, and corporate expertise, Tobias now leads as Chief of Staff at ClearOps, constantly challenging and propelling the organization to new heights. Passionate about continuous development and fostering innovation, Tobias optimizes operations and drives success.

Interesting fact:
While others might seek relaxation in tropical vacations or thrill-seeking adventures, Tobias finds solace in the ancient wisdom of stoicism

Nikolay Marov (Head of IT)

Nikolay Marov

Head of IT

Nikolay has over 15 years of commercial software development experience and is a full stack developer. He spent most of his time before ClearOps working as a consultant on many different and innovative projects. After joining ClearOps, Nikolay has played an integral role in the development and evolution of ClearOps into the robust solution suite it is today.

Interesting fact:
Nikolay climbed the Kinabalu mountain 4095m in shorts and sandals.

Tobias Wildegger (Head of Operations)

Tobias Wildegger

Head of Operations

Tobias studied in Erfurt, Heidelberg, Paris, and Leipzig. After working for Schaeffler France in Paris for the Automotive Aftermarket Division, he joined Barkawi Management Consultants further deepening his Aftersales and Supply Chain Management expertise. During his time at Barkawi Management Consultants Tobias specialized in digitization projects in the B2B2C Aftersales space. Since joining ClearOps he established the Program Management Team serving as an interface between all external and internal stakeholders.

Interesting fact:
Tobias’ favorite word is “valétudinaire” because it illustrates perfectly how erratic language truly is.

Olga Kir (Head of Customer Excellence)

Olga Kir

Head of Customer Excellence

Olga has a master’s degree in Informational Technology. Customer Service and IT Professional, passionate about providing exceptional customer service and leveraging IT to drive organizational growth. Six years of success at ClearOps, and counting!

Interesting fact:
Personal passion is data science, chemistry and bioinformatics

Nikolai Duschek PopUp

Nikolai Duschek

Head of Sales Europe

Nikolai is a seasoned sales professional with a decade of experience, specializing in enterprise sales and emerging technology solutions. He facilitated groundbreaking collaborations between Fujitsu and the aviation industry, driving digitization initiatives. Transitioning to a fast-growing IoT scale-up, Nikolai excelled in sales, leveraging his expertise in emerging technologies for business growth and strategic partnerships. At an insight partner company, he focused on user experience monitoring through SaaS solutions, enabling clients to optimize digital experiences and make data-driven decisions. Nikolai is thrilled to lead ClearOps’ European market expansion, combining his passion for sales, emerging tech, and machinery.

Interesting fact:
Due to my limited speech during the initial three years of my life, as noted by my parents, I found myself drawn to a career in sales as a means to compensate for this setback.

Moritz Meister (Head of Online Marketing)

Moritz Meister

Head of Online Marketing

Moritz has +10 years of marketing experience and +6 years of experience in building up and leading marketing teams with a strong B2B focus. In his last positions, he worked within various software-focused companies, operating in different industries, like employee benefits, telecommunications and fintech. 

Moritz is thrilled to take ClearOps’ Online Marketing and its global expansion to the next level to keep the world of machines moving.

Interesting fact:

I have visited all continents except Antarctica. Due to my passion for different cultures, I’ve even decided to take Chinese classes at university for 3 semesters.

Louis Giess

Head of SMB Sales Europe

Louis is a dedicated sales leader who specializes in understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by our customers. With a strong background and several years of experience in the SaaS industry, Louis uses his expertise to develop strategic, customer-centric sales approaches.

At ClearOps, Louis is responsible for ensuring that every customer receives personalized attention and tailored solutions that drive their success. His commitment to solve challenges and enable customer success is at the core of everything we do.

Interesting fact:

Before embarking on my professional journey, I faced a crucial decision between pursuing tennis and soccer. I chose soccer because I excel in team environments and value the camaraderie and teamwork it brings. That is also reflected in my approach to sales.

Michael zum Hofe (Former CCO)

In a loving memory of

Michael zum Hofe

Former CCO

March 2023 brought us a heart-wrenching loss as we said goodbye to our dear Chief Commercial Officer, Michael. He was more than just a colleague; he was family – a loving father, a devoted husband, and an incredible friend. Michael lit up every room with his infectious enthusiasm, happiness, and friendly nature! He had this amazing gift of making everyone feel valued and loved. We promise to carry on his legacy by treating each other with the same empathy and kindness that he showed us.

Michael, you’ve left a hole in our lives that can never be filled, but we’re grateful for the time we had with you. Rest in peace, our dear friend.

Karim Barkawi (CEO and Founder of Barkawi Group)

Karim Barkawi

CEO and Founder of Barkawi Group

Karim is the founder and CEO of Barkawi Group, established in 1994.

Today, it’s a holding company made up of multiple supply chain technology and operations forms with more than 1,000 professionals that provide strategic supply chain mangement services.

Karim has a degree in aerospace engineering.

Mike Landry (CEO KetteQ)

Mike Landry

CEO KetteQ

Mike is SVP and GLobal Leader for the Genpact Supply Chain Service Line.

Before this, he was President of Barkawi Management Consultants’ North American practice.

He’s also the founder of Servigistics, a best-in-class supply chain software acquired by PTC Inc. in 2010. Mike has a degree in computer science from Georgia Tech as well as an MBA in economics.

Dr. Andreas Baader (SVP Genpact Supply Chain Service Line)

Dr. Andreas Baader

SVP Genpact Supply Chain Service Line

Dr Andreas Baader heads up the Supply Chain Management business unit in Europe for Genpact Germany and is Managing Partner of Barkawi Management Consultants–a Genpact company.

Before this, Dr. Baaser held a number of management positions at SAP AG. He has a degree in engineering and a doctorate in aerospace engineering.