Your central aftersales platform - in a decentralized world

Anticipate Demand. Ensure Supply. Eliminate Downtimes.

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94% customer fill-rates

in Europe

1000 preventive services

in Australia

+10% part demand increase

in South America

1,700 Planned Orders

from German Dealership

New Demand Trends

in Asia

97% Global Master

Data Coverage

-40% Downtimes

in North America

We empower leading manufacturers by enhancing downstream supply chain visibility  

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By connecting fragmented supply chains and optimizing the underlying software, unparalleled visibility is gained, and data-driven decision-making is empowered.

Decentralized and complex supply chains that serve multiple players often lose sight of what’s most important - the needs of your end customer.

Most supply chains are juggling too many players and multiple solutions, leading to poor planning, difficult dealer buy-in, and a lot of tedious, manual work. Not a good look, especially in today’s world where customers expect a flawless service experience, but we’ve found a solution.

Introducing the missing piece of your supply chain puzzle: Connectivity

By deeply integrating your existing IT infrastructure, ClearOps acts as the conduit to connect all stakeholders - OEMs, Dealers and Distributors, and End Customers - through a seamlessly holistic aftersales platform.
The data gleaned from the solution can then predict future demand, ensure parts availability, and schedule machine maintenance - all from a central command hub.

ClearOps at a glance

Dealers connected
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Increased part sales
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Increased customer fill rates
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Reduced working capital
days less of a repair time
Years of aftersales experience
Improve sales
Better demand planning and inventory optimization avoids lost sales and dissatisfied customers in a highly competitive landscape.

Increase customer fill rates

ClearOps predicts demand in a unique way, boosting part and service availability while automating replenishment planning from end-to-end.

Reduce working capital
By ensuring the right parts and machines are in stock and distributed correctly across the network, working capital commitments are reduced by 20% on average.

Reduce downtime

We ensure service part availability, proactive service scheduling, and early alerts to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Close the gap between you and your customers with our aftersales platform

Keeping tabs on your ever-evolving supply chain is a Herculean task.
Our revolutionary aftersales hub puts you back in control so you can focus on what’s most important - cementing brand loyalty and securing recurring business. 

Connect your aftersales network with ease.


Customize your aftersales platform.


Use our aftersales platform to scale alongside you.


Make proactive decisions based on real-time data.


Count on our team which always finds the solution.


Effortlessly integrate your network with ease.

Promote seamless collaboration between OEMs and dealers

What if there was a central platform that enabled end-to-end visibility from production to the dealers and distributors to the technicians to the machines on the field? What if that platform could manage an entire ecosystem of machines, parts, and services?

ClearOps' hyper-connected supply chain platform lets you do just that and more.

Make sure you have the right parts at the right time. Always, everywhere.

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Eliminate downtime by digitizing and automating Service

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Increase aftermarket sales with ClearOps–just like these forward-thinking OEMs


ClearOps proactively thinks of solutions and considers AGCO strategy in customer conversations. There’s no “it’s impossible” with the ClearOps team. There are constant improvement opportunities and the team is open to them.

Thierry Martini
Director Global Parts at AGCO

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During the introduction of the Supply Chain Cockpit the connection of the local ERP systems was associated with many challenges. The ClearOps team consistently shows dedication to overcome them.

Stefan Hillienhoff

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With the help of ClearOps, we have transformed into a data-savvy and customer-centric organization, ensuring seamless delivery experience for our dealers and end-customers.

Reuven Chavira
Manager, Global Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Integration at AGCO

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ClearOps empowers simplicity in our aftersales business. As a result of our technology partnership and leveraging the ClearOps Aftersales Hub, dealers save time on day-to-day tasks due to process automation, we improved inventory profile by reducing obsolescence while increasing part availability. It translates into higher sales and brand loyalty.

Florian Cadoret
Global Customer & Dealer Integration Manager at Terex

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We have always strived to ensure our customers have the right parts when and where they need them. Prior to ClearOps, we relied on historical purchase data and proxy calculations for dealer inventory planning, which didn't yield optimal results. Since working with ClearOps, our global dealer demand planning and fulfillment, along with our digital service offerings, have reached new heights.

Reuven Chavira
Senior Manager, Global Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Integration

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We use the Supply Chain Cockpit to support our Sales Units, which hold larger assortments in local spare parts warehouses, in their inventory management. In addition to the wide range of possibilities the tool offers us, the great commitment, as well as the high level of flexibility and reliability shown by the ClearOps team throughout the entire course of the project is quite outstanding.

Stefan Hillienhoff

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ClearOps is the crucial strategic partner for industry-leading OEMs


Maximize your success in a decentralized dealer network with our comprehensive guide.

OEM How to Guide


ClearOps is designed to rapidly integrate with OEMs and their dealer networks. Our advanced integration hub is already connected to over 80 different ERP systems, which allows for swift and sustainable system integration. While the timeline depends on the size of the dealer network and underlying ERP systems, we prioritize efficiency and ensure a streamlined implementation process. Gain visibility and control over your fragmented dealer and distribution networks in no time with ClearOps’ hyperconnectivity solution suite.
At ClearOps, we understand the importance of data privacy. We are proud to be ISO certified and fully compliant with GDPR regulations. Rest assured that your personal data remains protected. Our focus lies in operational excellence of parts, products, technicians, and machines. Any personal data is carefully filtered and blacked out to safeguard privacy and maintain confidentiality.
Absolutely! ClearOps is built with a strong emphasis on system integration. We possess the capability to seamlessly connect with various systems, allowing for frictionless collaboration between you, your dealers, and your end customers. Our advanced transformation and processing techniques ensure that all systems speak the same language, enabling efficient data exchange. With ClearOps, bridge the gap between your fragmented networks and customers through our hyperconnectivity solution suite.
Unlock the power of comprehensive ROI measurement with ClearOps. We conduct a thorough business analysis and collaborate with you to calculate the return on investment for your specific needs. Whether you seek end-to-end supply chain visibility, optimized parts and product management, or our service solution suite, we deliver quantifiable results. By consolidating all relevant data in a central hub, enhanced by advanced control tower applications, ClearOps has boosted customers’ fill-rates by 43%, increased part sales by 15%, and reduced working capital by 20%.
Embark on a digital transformation journey with ClearOps, backed by your willingness and a committed team. Our implementation process is tailored to your resource availability and respects your constraints. While a few IT resources and a project manager from your side are essential, we handle the heavy lifting. We value team buy-in as a key success factor and ensure a smooth setup process that aligns with your goals and requirements.
By choosing ClearOps, you gain numerous advantages over building an in-house solution. Experience the power of instant connectivity with thousands of dealers and integration with over 80 different ERP systems. Avoid the lengthy and resource-intensive process of building such connections from scratch. Our platform harnesses global sophisticated data mining techniques, providing optimization power that is beyond reach for individual OEMs. With ClearOps, you skip the need for an in-house development team and months of testing and tweaking. Our expert tech professionals and supply chain pros work side-by-side with you to ensure a rapid and efficient setup. Tap into years of experience and knowledge, benefiting from ongoing support whenever you need it. Choose ClearOps to bridge the gap and gain visibility.
Absolutely! ClearOps has a proven track record of successfully connecting OEMs with thousands of dealers and systems. We understand the diverse interests of stakeholders and are skilled in navigating these dynamics. Our team takes responsibility for managing expectations and maximizing stakeholder value. With ClearOps as your partner, gain the support and buy-in of all stakeholders, ensuring a unified and successful implementation of our hyperconnectivity solution suite.