Boosting Aftermarket Performance In a Decentralized Dealer Network [Free Whitepaper]

William Barkawi 22 Apr 2024 2 mins read
Boosting Aftermarket Performance

OEMs have a ton of systems in use and tend to offer a variety of applications to their dealers. Availability from their parts distribution centers sits comfortably above 90%–and yet, customer demands are still not met.


Because the supply chain is fragmented. OEMs, independent dealers, and end customers all have their own set of solutions, but none of them integrate with each other.

The result: OEMs produce blindly while dealers lack the technology and patience to work with multiple OEM brands and multiple applications. So, despite there being ample technology and systems in place, the end customer demand isn’t met.

And, if demand isn’t met, it leads to unsatisfied customers who go elsewhere—especially in times of need. Imagine if a harvesting machine breaks down during a very short harvesting season and damages the entire crop. Or imagine if a hydraulic mining shovel breaks down leading to a standstill at the construction. Or imagine if a truck breaks down leaving supermarket shelves empty.

In these scenarios, aftersales part and service availability is not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.

Download Your Free OEM How-To Guide “Boosting aftermarket performance in a decentralized dealer network”

In our free how-to guide “Boosting aftermarket performance in a decentralized dealer networt”, we walk you through the answer: creating a connected and visible supply chain that fosters seamless collaboration between every stakeholder, gathers real-time data from multiple sources, and creates an integrated ecosystem geared toward creating a better customer experience.

In your OEM guide you’ll learn about:

  • Why winning in the aftermarket is a crucial pillar, not just a nice-to-have
  • The untapped potential of parts planning among numerous OEMs
  • The tangible benefits of enhancing aftersales through a unified downstream supply chain
  • A case study: How AGCO supercharged their customer fill rates by a whopping 43% by transitioning from a blind spot in supply chain visibility to an interconnected dealer ecosystem.

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