Transformative Solutions with ClearOps: The Terex Case Study

William Barkawi 13 Jun 2024 3 mins read

Machines like excavators, mining equipment, aerial work platforms or other construction machinery should never break down. If they break down, which can happen, it is important that parts and technicians are available anytime, anywhere.

By connecting manufacturers with their dealers, technicians and machines in the field, the ClearOps platform predicts future parts and service demand and orchestrates a service supply chain to ensure global part and service availability at its highest – and thereby ensures uptime. But let’s delve into a specific case:

Who We Worked With

The Terex Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of aerial work platforms and material-processing equipment. Products include those that enable customers to reduce their impact on the environment including electric and hybrid offerings, deliver emission-free performance, support renewable energy, and aid in the recovery of reusable materials from waste.

The Challenges

Terex was facing a burning issue when it came to their service supply chain: they were blind on what parts and services their dealers are delivering to their end customers. And therefore, they were also blind on what parts and services they were not delivering to end customers. Terex was seeking visibility and control over what their dealers have available on stock and what they are selling, to increase customer facing fill-rates and thereby ensure uptime.

The strategy was clear: You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So let’s start measuring what dealers sell, what they have on stock, and jointly – Terex and their dealers – find a way to predict what parts and services will be needed to better serve customers needs. Furthermore, Terex was sitting on a lot of valuable service profiles and IoT data to execute predictive maintenance, but dealers did not have easy access to it. The goal was to bundle better parts planning with better distribution of service relevant information – and thereby avoid unnecessary machine downtime. 

The Solution

We introduced ClearOps, a platform connecting Terex, it’s sub-brands, and dealers to the machines in the field. Our end-to-end parts planning solution guarantees parts availability across the service supply chain, coupled with a system sharing the right service with relevant information at the right time.

The ClearOps connector technology seamlessly connects with Terex order, master data, and pricing systems as well as to all dealers DMS systems – because one thing is clear: every software is just as good as the data it’s fed with. Therefore, the ClearOps platform ensures end-to-end connectivity first, to then deploy our AWS cloud-hosted parts planning suite that combines relevant machine, dealer and Terex. This ensures the highest possible fill rates at the lowest possible cost for the entire service supply chain.

Furthermore, Terex topped this parts suite up with a proactive service suite that allowed the seamless sharing of telematics information from Terex servers to dealer DMS systems. This facilitates proactive upcoming service alerts and results in optimal servicing of end-customer needs to ensure highest customer satisfaction and maximizing revenue from maintenance services.

Our Deliverables

  • End-to-End Connector Technology: ClearOps ensures bidirectional connectivity with relevant Terex systems and dealer DMS systems, to properly feed the software with the right data and ensure the most automated process possible.
  • AI Driven Parts Planning & Replenishment: Neural networks are the baseline for our forecasting, inventory optimization and replenishment planning to provide best in class planning proposals and automated order flows.
  • Telematics Connect: The combination of Terex Service Profiles and Telematics information provides the baseline for proactive service alerting to dealers, ensuring business goes from reactive to proactive.
  • Master Data Management & Supersession: Dealers and Terex can rely on us, to do the necessary master data management between dealer and Terex data to make sure we speak about apples and apples.
  • Advanced Analytics: Combining the end to end service supply chain data, we can ensure to leverage all relevant information to measure and maximize the end customers lifetime value, and precisely target customers below average to exploit untapped revenue potentials. 

The Impact

Since Terex started using ClearOps, the gap between the dealer-facing fill rate and the customer-facing fill rate has dropped extensively. This translates to a lot more part sales and a lot fewer lost sales for both dealers and Terex. Other benefits include:

  • Part availability and sales have increased as a result of better forecasting and inventory management.
  • Cause a significant reduction of planning efforts (hours per week!) for dealerships and service partners.
  • Support service partners by publishing 1000+ service opportunities per month.
  • Fewer emergency orders, and less manual work, as well as the complete digitization of OEM-Dealer-End

Customer processes, not only result in efficiency gains, but also in an extremely valuable data. Those are the foundation for improving quality, identifying opportunities, and analyzing the market.

Next Steps

If you are interested in achieving new levels of visibility, efficiency, and profitability across your aftersales operations, like Terex, please fill out the form below to book a demo with us.