The Transformative Power of ClearOps: The AGCO Case Study

William Barkawi 13 Jun 2024 2 mins read
The AGCO Case Study

The ClearOps platform ensures global machine uptime through end-to-end parts and service availability along the entire service supply chain. By seamlessly connecting OEMs to dealers to the machines in the field on our platform, we unleash the power of data to guarantee seamless operations worldwide.

Who We Worked With

AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacturer, and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision agricultural technology. Its brands include Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Challenger, and many more.

The Challenges

AGCO faced burning issues, including a loss of visibility over its ~2,000 dealers and distributors, their stocks and sales, as well as their service levels post-manufacturing. AGCO lacked visibility into its downstream supply chain, hindering production planning and the ability to analyze customer satisfaction, loyalty, and fill-rates.

Multiple manual processes across parts planning, warranty claims, service fulfillment and information exchange increased expenses while reducing dealer emphasis on customer service. This lack of system integration between AGCO and its dealers led to point-of-sale (PoS) information missing, impacting machine diagnostics, customer satisfaction insights, and competitive analysis.

Furthermore, the dealers lack of network information and strategic planning skills caused low fill rates, dissatisfied customers and sales losses for both dealers and AGCO. Extended equipment downtime incurred significant impacts, unless customers opted for costly emergency orders. Inconsistent service schedules led to reactive, rather than proactive responses to equipment failure, also triggering poor service levels.

The Solution

We introduced ClearOps, a dynamic planning and collaboration platform that seamlessly connects AGCO’s supply chain from production to dealers to the machine in the field without replacing existing systems. Hosted on AWS, our solution facilitates operations through real time data integration, validation, and quality monitoring.

Our Deliverables:

Besides the underlying master data and supersession management, the program also includes:

  • AI-Driven Parts Planning & Replenishment: Leveraging neural networks and AI for accurate forecasting and efficient replenishment.
  • Integrated Service & Technician Suite: A full suite for tracking service opportunities, scheduling tasks, resource planning, skill allocation, and parts management.
  • Global Asset Management: Track the worldwide machine fleet and maintain a centralized digital service record for each unit.
  • Efficient Warranty Claims: Simplified and faster warranty claim processing.
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard: Deep insights into key performance indicators for parts, services, and customer lifetime value.

The Transformative Impact

Our solution has significantly narrowed the gap between dealer and customer fill rates, boosting customer satisfaction and sales. Highlights of our achievements include:

  • A rise in part sales by 15% due to improved forecasting and inventory management
  • An increase in parts availability from about 65% to 86%, reducing repair times
  • A 9% decrease in non-moving inventory, cutting working capital needs by 20%
  • Dealers saving hours weekly, allowing more customer engagement
  • Reduction in emergency orders and manual labor
  • Enhancing overall efficiency and data quality for strategic decisions

AGCO’s proactive stance in maximizing the solution’s business value has been recognized with multiple innovation awards, marking a significant leap in operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Next Steps

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