The Ultimate Guide for OEMs [Free Whitepaper]

Max Wies 22 Apr 2024 2 mins read
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Machines are omnipresent across transportation networks as well as supply chains and are essential for OEMs facilitating the movement of goods to ensure an efficient flow of commodities, business operations and successful aftersales. In other words, any hinderance that may occur, can result in empty supermarkets, halted construction projects, or missed harvesting seasons. As such, our Ultimate Guide Whitepaper for OEMs focuses on avoiding these occurrences and highlights strategies to take in the event they do transpire.

Industrial productivity depends on optimal machine performance, however, downtime poses substantial challenges. Downtime, whether from mechanical failures or maintenance, disrupts production, impacts revenue and customer relationships. To combat this, OEMs address this by creating reliable machines with advanced technology and offer maintenance guidelines. Through the use of data analytics, predictive maintenance helps foresee and prevent breakdowns. This also enables OEMs to prevent both excess and insufficient resource allocation. 

Machine downtime causes a significant amount of revenue to be lost due to lost production time, lowering output levels, and missing important deadlines. The necessity for last-minute repairs or replacements during downtime can also contribute to high maintenance costs as well as disrupt the workflow efficiency. Furthermore, prolonged downtime can also lead to dissatisfied customer, tarnished reputation and decreased competitiveness in the market, further suggesting a financial impact. 

In our free whitepaper, you will find out more about the real-time diagnostics through remote monitoring in a digitalized supply chain, connecting OEMs, dealers, distributors to end customers and avoiding machine downtime.  

Download The Free Whitepaper “Ultimate Guide for OEMs”

In the whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • What machine downtime refers to
  • What the difference between planned and unplanned downtime is
  • What the true cost of machine downtime is 
  • Why reducing machine downtime is important
  • How to reduce unplanned machine downtime
  • How the ClearOps preventive maintenance solution helped Terex

We hope you enjoy our free whitepaper about the “Ultimate Guide for OEMs”! We appreciate your interest and we’re always happy to discuss aftersales topics. Feel free to contact us