How Generative AI Will Disrupt the Aftersales Business [Free Whitepaper]

William Barkawi 20 May 2024 2 mins read
Generative AI disrupting aftersales - Whitepaper

Generative AI marks a leap forward in artificial intelligence, and supports content creation, predictive analysis and complex problem solving. From troubleshooting error codes to finding specific parts, AI enhanced tool saves technicians and customers hours of frustration. Especially when having a smart assistance that learns from past customer interactions and internal resources to provide accurate, automated responses, enticing the customer support process. 

The aftersales landscape is a race against complexity – global markets, hungry competitors, and customers expecting more than ever. With AI, the aftersales business is tremendously impacted, since AI can find the right balance for rapid response, reduce downtime, and manual mastery. With regards to inventory management, new levels of efficiency are reached through demand sensing and shaping as well as stock optimization leading to less lost sales and more ongoing sales. Through data analytics, AI will transform aftersales through predictive maintenance, allowing large data insights, proactive virtual assistants, and AI-driven warranty management. Due to a customer-centric and data-driven business, there will be faster time to market and a competitive advantage for each firm.

In general, there are strategy and considerations that OEMs and dealers will need to obtain to avoid posing any challenges, regarding data security, integration, bias, etc. Our whitepaper showcases case studies with aftersales experience who are currently undergoing a customer-centric revolution, powered by the capabilities of generative. Companies are leveraging AI to elevate customer satisfaction, streamline processes, and stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace. With new AI models emerging rapidly, capabilities are increasing exponentially. 

Hence, our free whitepaper will bring you all essential insights into how you can transform your business and stay on a competitive edge to disrupt the aftersales business with generative AI.

Download the Free Whitepaper: “How Generative AI Will Disrupt the Aftersales Business”

In the whitepaper, you’ll learn: 

  • Generative AI overview (definition, capabilities and current applications)
  • Customer and technician support during incidents
  • Inventory management
  • Service and technical management
  • Product development and upgrades
  • Challenges and considerations for OEMs + dealers
  • Case studies

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