We connect machines, telematics data, and other systems and integrate them into the service planning process!

Service Opportunities:

  • Support Dealers to proactively approach customers and increase sales on both Dealer and OEM side.

Automated Service Planning:

  • Reduces planning effort by automatically proposing the next service.

Parts Availability:

  • Ensure parts availability by incorporating planned services into the ClearOps parts planning engine.

Asset Uptime:

  • Services are scheduled early enough to avoid machine failure, increasing Asset Uptime.

Service Anticipation

The required service schedule of machines may already be known, but oftentimes we are still unprepared for them. ClearOps eliminates this by creating usage patterns for known services such as a 1,000 hour usage service. The system will notify the dealer before a service is coming up and provide orders for all the necessary parts, complementary kitting needs and technicians.

Downtime Reaction

Sometimes breakdowns can’t be proactively avoided but knowing immediately can reduce downtime by days. A customer no longer needs to find time to determine the issue and explain what’s broken. ClearOps will notify the dealer about the machine failure, and it’s cause, and the required maintenance completed as fast as possible providing a better experience for the customer.

Predictive Maintenance

Machine downtime is expensive and avoidable. Dealers with ClearOps achieve a modernized ordering process, connected and collaborative supply chain environment, enabling proactive and best-in-class customer service!

Prevent downtime and improve your service quality in an unparalleled way with ClearOps:
Sensors in modern agricultural machines know the usage data of machines in the installed base. The solution transforms this data into smart service events and provides the dealer with the corresponding parts lists and replacement parts. Additionally, the solution recommends the right technician with the required skill set, associated repair manuals, etc., so that all the dealer needs to do is approve the recommendations.

Our dealers and their customers are happy, because ClearOps predictive maintenance means that while the work required by all involved parties is minimal, service levels and parts availability is at its highest. But even more importantly: Machine downtime is a thing of the past!

See ClearOps in Action

Take a look at how ClearOps scalability, partners and integrations set us apart from the competition. Customized to your unique questions.

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