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The vision of ClearOps was shaped as a result of over 25 years of supply chain management consulting expertise of award winning Barkawi Management Consultants Group. Over time it became clear that one of the largest challenges clients faced was supply chain inefficiency due to the lack of visibility across the network. This ultimately impacts customer service, revenue potential and profitability. ClearOps has cleverly solved this challenge and more – enabling the fastest time to value in the market measured in weeks and months instead of months and years.


Supply chain management is our passion! Providing network connectivity and smart optimization tools is our profession. Operational excellence is our mission. We developed our solution for all businesses with complex dealer networks, and replacement part delivery challenges in the downstream supply chain.
ClearOps provides real results, because only results count. We go the extra mile every time. When your downtime and non-moving inventory are down to zero, but your parts availability is at 100 %, we’ve done a good job. That is what we call mission accomplished!
William Barkawi


William founded his first IT company at the age of 15 and continued to pursue entrepreneurial activities throughout his studies at Technical University Munich. After graduating with a degree in economics and engineering, William went to work for a supply chain consulting firm. This experience laid the baseline for his enthusiasm of supply chain management optimization and helping clients to achieve the best possible result!

Michael zum Hofe


After graduating with a Masters of Industrial Engineering, Michael went to work in the consultancy unit of the Barkawi Group focusing on supply chain management. Before moving to a C-Level position in a telecommunications firm, Teqcycle, he was head of Program Management & Transformation at a private equity fund.

Robert Kunze

Head of Finance

Robert has a background in Supply Chain consulting as well as development and investment management of technology startups. He has worked with Barkawi Management consultants focused on aftersales operations and is also on the board of both B2X, and Barkawi Capital Management. Robert has an EMBA from the Technical University of Munich with a focus on innovation and business creation.

Nikolay Marov

Head of Development

Nikolay has over 15 years of commercial software development experience and is a full stack developer. He spent most of his time before ClearOps working as a consultant on many different and innovative projects. Joining ClearOps in 2015, Nikolay has played an integral role in the development and evolution of ClearOps into the robust solution suite it is today.

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